Lazy Saturday!

Guess what? Yup, my shift has been cancelled today, my plans to work today have been foiled. Who wants to work on a Saturday anyway? (*tears* boo to less $$$)

So I really really REALLY didn’t want to go to the gym this morning. It was more like: “hey, look, it’s 9am and I’m awake” and then it turned into: “At 10 my gym class starts, but I won’t go because I said I wasn’t going to go” and then it turned into an internal guilt trip “Aw, man, if I don’t go, I’m just going to sit around the house and eat. And sleep.”

Normally, old Holly would be okay with this sort of thing, but new Holly, (the new and improved fitness-freak) shakes her finger and “tsk tsks” at the lazy, fat kid on the inside. So I put on my workout clothes and walked around in them for an hour before I motivated myself to go (after three or four YouTube videos, of course!)

I started off with my “neon pink” watermelon sports drink to get me going.


I’m glad I went. I would have felt really bad if I didn’t go. And now that I’m back from the store and gym and cooking breakfast/lunch, I’m ready for a day of relaxation.


After getting my issue of “Whole Living” yesterday and reading it cover to cover, I dreamed about their “Beet Hash with Eggs” all night long. I was hoping I would get cancelled just because I wanted hash browns and eggs. Is that bad?

I blame you, Whole Living, for messing with the powers that be that lead to me not working today.

Breakfast/Lunch (it was about 1pm by the time I got home to finish this madness) was amazing and totally what I’ve been craving for the past two weeks (but the darned cafeteria doesn’t have hash browns!)

I ate every last bite!!!

It was really good and pretty simple to make, and we had most of the ingredients in our pantry, I just had to run out and get the beets. Once I find the link for the recipe, I will post it here.

I also topped it off with a Pumpkin Spice French press coffee.

My warm pumpkin coffee, and yes, I am aware how HOT it is outside.

My strategy for fall is to FORCE it to be cold by ignoring the heat and pretending it’s cold. Today, I’m going to crochet my scarf and stick my tongue out at the weather. Smile with tongue out



“Greek-goddess” crazy workout hair.

That is all.



Friday Night Off…

So it’s Friday night, and after a 105 degree day, I’m about ready to call it a night!

After sleeping almost all day (a rare event for me, I’m usually up at 7-8am on my days off), I took the time today to update my blog design and catch up on some reading.

I still got my workout in tonight, 20 minutes of running on the Pacific Electric Trail. I’m going to admit, it was a shorter run because of the heat, I had to wait until sundown to do my run (it was still 95 when I left!). The second half of the trail isn’t exactly lit properly, so I had to turn around early and come back.
The brand-new Route 66 Trailhead!

The up side was, there were a LOT of really cute Pit Bulls on the trail! I love how people are actually adopting these dogs from our shelters and then taking their high-energy buddies on runs. I had a full-on cheesy grin at two runners with their pups.

Dinner was a seared Ahi tuna salad. This being the first time I seared Ahi, I think I did a pretty good job!


It included baby greens, shredded broccoli and carrot mix, mushrooms, and sesame dressing. I marinated the Ahi in soy sauce, garlic and ginger, as well as added a hint of wasabi and sesame seeds before searing. It turned out amazing!

I’m hoping to do more tuna dishes in the future, since I’ve overcome the intimidation of cooking this fish.
I always order Ahi salads off of lunch menus in restaurants. You can’t go wrong! So now I want to try it with mangoes and strawberries next time. Yum!

Disneyland Post (#1)


While I do admit, we have annual Disneyland passes, every once in a while I think it’s appropriate to have a Disneyland post. I think we go about once or twice a month, (and sometimes twice in the same weekend!) but now that the holidays are starting to roll around (and it’s starting to cool down a bit), I think we might be frequenting D-Land a bit more often.

We went on a Saturday and were surprised by how it wasn’t as crowded as we expected. Probably something having to do with the “severe thunderstorm warning” and that all the kids in the Los Angeles area went back to school last week.

While we spent a lot of time in the park (and I didn’t take that many pictures, sorry)


Anyway, we checked out the new Cars land, which we waited all summer to check out because of the crowds. (No, really, it can get CROWDED!)

Enter Cone Hotel montage:

That’s a whole LOT of orange!!! (P.S. I LOVE the fountain!)
This little area had to be my favorite part of Cars Land. I thought it was so darned cute!

IMG_2158I mean…besides the Ghirardelli store…


Anyway, we had a wonderful time, and we didn’t realize how fast time flies!

I can’t wait for Halloween and Christmas to arrive to see the changes for the holidays!!!



So, needless to say, it’s turning out to be an extremely busy week! It’s only Wedensday, and I’m full-blown exhausted!

some days..... :)

Thankfully, I’ve found ways to keep myself sane, and thank God for the invention of the “Five-Minute Room Rescue”  (a blogger via Pinterest) that I’ve been able to keep organized.

Today was the definite middle of my week though. After waking up early to study, I made my bi-weekly trip from Rancho Cucamonga to Westminster for my Anatomy class (about a 90 minute drive), to Whittier to have coffee with a friend (another 50 minute drive) and back home in Los Angeles rush hour traffic (another two hours). So time spent in the car equals about 4 hours, to three different counties and 8 different freeway changes. It was all very worth it though, being able to see a friend I haven’t seen since high school.

Today, I had a rather stressful test that I stayed up until 1 AM cutting out and pasting index cards because I could no longer hold a pen, my hand was that tired (ha!).

So besides all of that, I got an A on my test (woohoo!). Now to jump to the next subject and start all over for the Lab Practicum next week (eep!).


It seems almost impossible to fit in a workout when I feel so busy I’m going to pop, but I managed to get in my cardio, even if it meant not making it to class.
Monday: Kickboxing
Tuesday: Running intervals (I’ll explain this later)
Wednesday: Rest (ha!)
Thursday: Work
Friday: Intervals
Saturday: Work
Sunday: Kickboxing

IMG_2180Perky Girl!

I’m slowly (slowly!) trying to get back into running. I’ve had problems with my knee, energy levels, and allergies to really be able to get back on the trails, but now that I’m starting to get all of that under control (thank you, Cardio!), things are getting much better.
I found a “Running for Beginners” graphic on Pinterest this week, and it’s a 12-week step-by-step program to get you running for 20 minutes straight.

Running for beginners

Since I’m already doing cardio during the week, I upped my time to 30 minutes, adding extra sets of intervals, and skipped to the second week. So far, it’s really working for me!

So, now, here’s my question: supplements or no supplements? And what type?

Last week at the gym, our trainer was giving us samples of C4 (which is a combination supplement of Folic Acid, B12, Vitamin C and caffeine). You basically take it 30 minutes before your workout and stay hydrated during. While I don’t mind using supplements, and I liked the boost it gave my workout, my nurse-y senses were tingling, meaning I’m not quite sure this is entirely right for me. To make a long story short, it completely disrupted my sleep patterns last night. I think it’s a ONCE in a while kind of thing, when I don’t really have the energy or drive to go to the gym, if that.

Another supplement I want to look into is protein powder. I see a lot of female athletes using it as an ingredient to shakes, yogurt, etc., but I’m not sure how it works, if it causes weight gain, etc. If anyone can give me an insight to this, it would be great.

The “future” of this Blog:

So I’m thinking about where I’m going to go next with this blog. I obviously have a lot more “time” this semester to focus on me and my life, rather than spending 48 hours at work, so I might just start putting a lot of time and effort in to this blog.
I might just have to switch over to WordPress and take the time to figure the silly thing out. I have a couple of friends who are on WordPress and they seem to find it easy to use. I also like the organization of topics.
NEXT WEEK: I am considering getting my own domain name. Maybe or something of the like. I haven’t decided. I would like to up the views and responses to this page, because, honestly, I like talking to people and hearing what they have to say!

What I’m Reading:

As per a friend’s suggestion, I’m reading The Year of Living Biblically by A.L. Jacobs.

The happiness project book list: the year of living bibically 
So far, I’ve had to laugh out loud at this man’s antics. Maybe I’ll start a book review section?
So much to do!!!!

And with that, I’m off to bed!

Disneyland post soon!

Goodnight everyone!



I’ve been bitten! AAARRGGHHH GYAAHHH! OOHHHH!!! *Zombies are gnawing at my skullllll!!!* Run! Save yourselves!

Haha, just kidding.
Dave Crazy Dave! Open-mouthed smile

So it has happened, I’ve been bitten by the Travel Bug. Lounging around the house in our stuffy bedroom, I’ve stumbled across several travel blogs that have made the wheels in my head turn. (Also, I think it has something to do with my trip to San Diego’s Little Italy last weekend…Pictures to come!)

I am going to travel, I WILL travel, it’s that easy. Okay, well, it’s also expensive and takes a lot of time and planning. I can’t just jump on a plane, right? RIGHT?

Anyway, I think this year will be spent focusing on getting my passport ready and getting mentally prepared to make a journey. I think I’m willing to start with France or England first, but I have an entire Bucket List made up of places I would LOVE to go.

I am desperately sad that Mexico will not be my first out-of-country experience due to the instability of politics at the moment. I would love to go someday to see the culture and experience the language and food that has become a second culture to me.

So, here is my Travel Bucket List! (the link is to my Pinterest list)
-United Kingdom
-France (Paris, Milan, and the countryside!)
-Italy (Sicily and Rome)
-Germany and Poland
-South Korea (Seeing North Korea would also be an experience I would be interested to do)
-Also, I would like to take some more trips to the East Coast, mostly to New England, to experience a fall in New England, have clam chowder, stay in a bed and breakfast, the works!

Other places I’d like to visit in the U.S. would be Chicago, Washington D.C., Alaska and Hawaii.
There it is! I’m fully motivated to do whatever it takes to find myself wandering the globe.

Now, to get Kurt on board with my crazy plans!


I’m also open to any suggestions. Has anyone (out there) traveled to somewhere that just stood out to them?
I’m always ready for a new adventure!
❤ Hojo.

(P.S San Diego post and Fitness Progress post to come!)