Korean Coffee and Trip Prepping

I have to admit, I’m not the instant-coffee type of girl. When my beloved Starbucks began sampling cups of their Via in store, I took a sip and openly gagged. That’s why I was so skeptical about this stuff:


Korean coffee. I have a bag of 100 of them that a coworker (who lives closer to L.A. than I do) picked up for me. Week made. I might even *gasp* have to take a few to Seattle with me.

Speaking of which, I’m currently working on getting ready for our week-long Washington State trip. It’s become an annual (or bi-annual) trip we make, because we love being up there, and Kurt’s family is wonderful.

Today I have a lot of errands to run in order to prep for my trip. I’ve been working a lot lately, so being caught up with everything is an absolute plus. (I actually went shopping!)

Other than that, working multiple 60-hour weeks has made me a little stir-crazy. I’d hate to say it, but I’m really ready for a week of relaxation and detoxifying.

Although, I have to say, being the top floor on the hospital, we sure have some gorgeous sunsets.




A Different Way of Blogging

Good afternoon!

After some careful consideration, I’ve had a few ideas lately about this blog and what direction I would like to take it in. I’m not looking to make the blog more successful, as that was not the point of the blog in the first place, but I would like to add a bit more effort to the process and really make it a picture of my life.


I have been blogging for about 10 years now (right?). Most of the content it has been an angst-y young adult venting on Myspace/Blogger/Facebook.

As an adult, I enjoy sharing my stories and experiences with the world. I’m a ‘frequent’ updater on Facebook, and somehow, I’ve turned that outlet into a blog.

“Life, Love and a Gallon of Coffee” has been my project for the past couple of years, starting off as a sad little neglected blog, and turning into something a bit more structured. I’m hoping to be able to spend a little more time on this blog.


That said, I’m spending some more time today weeding out the ‘mediocre’ posts. Mainly ones without much content, or those that I posted feeling the obligation to post.


So from here on out, I’m not sure there will be many posts here, but if there is, it’s going to be straight from the heart.


I will step down from my podium now. ^_^





So this is the first day of a long weekend after an extremely difficult week. I worked five (intense) twelve-hour-shifts with only one day off in between. I’m exhausted, but thankful for the chance to finally get some relaxation in.

This weekend is going to be about resetting and cleansing my life. I sometimes feel that after a long stretch of work, I don’t have the time to do the things I need to do in order to feel comfortable. It’s difficult to get a workout, laundry or even a quick blog post in when I leave the house at 5am and don’t return until 9pm. So this is my way of returning things to normal, and finding new ways of making things work.

I did, however, have some interesting things I did last week that I thought I would share here.

First off, I did a LOT of cooking last week, as I had started to assemble my freezer crock pot meals. I’m going to be doing a few more this week, but for the most part, they’re pretty simple and straightforward, so I didn’t take too many pictures.

I did, however, get to try antelope for the first time. They had antelope on sale at Sprout’s, so Kurt and I did a what the heck and picked it up.

download (4)download (6)

So, yeah. It was a lot like venison. We did it in a burger because we couldn’t think of any better way to taste the difference as opposed to mixing it in a meatloaf or something.

I’ve also started doing major preparation on my work lunches lately. I’ve found that work is the most difficult places for me, because we have a cafeteria that’s loaded with sweets, and we also have patients/doctors/nurses/ambulance companies that bring in snacks (doughnuts, candy, cookies, chips). So I’ve been finding ways to curb my cravings while at work. I decided to take the idea of the crock pot freezer meals one step further and include it in my breakfasts and lunches.

I’ve started to make salads ahead of time, as well as boil a week’s worth of eggs and portion out what I have for the rest of the week. It worked out beautifully. Just because I decided to take a half hour out of my day off and figure out what I’m going to eat for the next week. I can really see this working for my busy life.

download (1)download (3)

Other random things: it’s been freezing here in Southern California. Waking up early to icy weather has not been easy! My space heater has been my best friend this week (and attracted all of the animals to my room).


It’s made me stick inside and addicted to Tropico 4. (One of my Christmas gifts from Kurt!)


I’m not sure what’s so addicting about this game, maybe it’s the fact that it’s like a corrupted SimCity, but I’m having a lot of fun playing through the campaign.

I’ve also started the Matched series on Kindle.


I’ve finished the first book and moved on to the second. I honestly skipped over this book on Kindle for months because I was convinced that I wasn’t going to like it. I was wrong.

It’s another book along the lines of the dystopia-adventure-romance novels that I’ve been into lately. It’s pretty well-written and I appreciate the internal monologues of the main character. The only issue I’m having with the books is that they feel extremely short. Amazon says it’s 400 pages in the print edition. Maybe it’s an easy read, or it could be the fact that I read it whenever I had the chance (it’s on my phone), but the first novel was over before I could wrap my mind around what was going on.

I have to say, I’m enjoying the second book Crossed.


Tonight I’ll be making some Leek Mimosa soup from the French Women Don’t Get Fat cookbook. I just feel like eating something super healthy this weekend. I’m also going to do some yoga this afternoon and try to unwind from a busy week.