Guess What???

Hold on to your hats, digital world, I finally got my hands on a new camera!


Be prepared for many, many animal pictures!

Did you know…there’s something SCARY on that shelf????

And a fish-eye effect!!!
(*derp* I’m a fish!)

Okay, so I can’t guarantee that’s the last of the wacky pet photos…I apologize ahead of time. My animals are freakishly cute.


So here’s the scoop on the workouts, while I have gotten back into my routine, and I’m working on making it a habit. I realized that between work, school, relationships and sanity time for myself, I need to figure out how to wake up early and get a workout in. My trusty Pacific Electric Trail has been failing me lately because the weather in California has been absolutely gorgeous over the summer.

Seriously, I think we had a good week where it hit the high 90’s/100’s. Last summer: 105-110 every stinking day. So much for the heavy-duty air conditioner we sprang (sprung?) for.

I digress.

So, I’m going to figure this routine thing out. I’m also going to make a HUGE effort to work on saving money this month, because: (dun dun dun) I’m looking into getting a car. *GASP*

Holy cow do I miss the Metrolink.

Anyway, that’s the end of my worn-out knock-down drag-out rant. I’m tired, people, and I seriously hope these 50-60 hour weeks don’t kill me before my (full time) school starts at the end of August. I guess that’s how I am, though. I’m happiest when I’m on the go, and I’ve come to realize that fairly recently.

So good night, everyone!
Here’s hoping I can drag my butt out of bed tomorrow morning and start a new routine! (I am NOT a morning person!)

❤ Hojo



So I’ve made it through a tough week of overtime and starting out on my workout routine again.

I missed running more than I could describe, it’s been such a challenge to get into it, since I’ve been so sick on and off. Over the past two months, I’ve gone through countless doctor’s appointments, two rounds of heavy antibiotics and anti-emetics three times a day to keep my dizzy-spells in check.


So now that the sinus infections are (finally) clearing up, it’s back to my routine! Slowly but surely, I’m bouncing back! The workout routines are soon to make an appearance again!

Needless to say, I’ve been working a lot…

 2013-07-24 07.14.01
(Working girl!)

But I’ve been doing my best to actually take the time and enjoy my summer.

2013-07-14 15.49.36IMG_20130722_140200


And my new favorite (guilty) food…


It’s been a lot of fun, learning to take time and enjoy life.

August is going to be a BUSY month! School starts on the 28th, I have a close friend who is getting married, and we start Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University on the 29th, so that’s all super exciting!

I’m also on the market for a good yoga studio and a car.

So, that’s the update for my week.

More to come!

❤ Hojo

Starting Over

I’m starting to gain a new perspective on life. In my quest for happiness, I’ve inadvertently fallen flat on my face. I think there was so much change going on in my life over these past couple months, that I had to basically drop everything and adjust.

Now that I’m adjusted, I feel the little pieces of my life slowly start to gravitate back together. This doesn’t, however, mean that I’m finished facing the struggle of transition, but it’s a clear sign of the end.

That said, I’ve hit the surface gasping for air. Now, I’m trying my hardest to get things organized, save up money like there’s no tomorrow, and get back into a normal routine.

With these new challenges and changes in my life, I’ve completely fallen out of routine with my diet and exercise routine. That said, I’ve gained about 10-12 lbs. solely because my schedule has been so full, I haven’t had the energy to fit in 30 minutes of running. It’s a lame excuse, but this week I’ve decided that it’s high time to join a new gym so I can spend my 30-40 minutes exercising in a (*cough* air conditioned *cough) area. I haven’t had the energy to run, and my energy levels drop because I’m not exercising, which makes it harder to go, and then the depression sets in. It’s a viscious cycle that leaves me coming home from work, sleeping until 7pm and eating whatever is convenient. Not working.

This week, if I can get myself to get around to it, I’m going to start a self-made bootcamp regime to kick start a new way of living. I want my energy back! (And a few rules to go with it).
Rules of the Road:
No eating after 8
Implement some Vegan cooking methods
Drink 2000 mL of water a day
Protien Shakes/Morning breakfast shakes
Preparing lunches the night before
Lots of fruits/veggies/whole grain snacks
Starbucks will be cut back (Tea only!)

My downfall is I like something crunchy in the afternoons and something sweet in the evenings. I might be able to figure something out to satiate these cravings.

The other thing I want to work on is getting organized with my home life. I have to dust off the “Home Management Notebook” and get myself back into full swing.

Work Hard, Play Hard
An internet personality, Ryan Davis, passed away this week at the young age of 34. While this was a tragic event, his friends and coworkers made a great effort to honor his memory by showing how positive and tongue-in-cheek his life was. That said, one of his greatest traits was that whenever he thought of an idea (such as traveling, events, etc.,) he committed to it, and lived his life on the edge. What a great life lesson. I’ve taken it upon myself to live my life the way he chose to live his, to not play around with the idea of traveling or passing the opportunity to do something cool. I’ve found that I’ve passed up on so many things in life because I thought it was risky and have regretted it. I am going to live my life with no regrets. (Within reason, of course).

Live your life the way it was meant to be. Don’t look back and regret what you have and have not done, what matters is the now. Be happy, because happiness is a choice.

I think that’s it for now, I have a lot of to-do lists to do this week, but I’ll be posting here more. (I think?)

❤ Hojo