Quick Update

Getting back into a routine is HARD!

Today, I finally got my schedule together and made a trip to the gym! I spent 50 minutes on the elliptical and I have SO much energy after! I really hope this new surge of post-workout energy sticks around.

Week One:
Weight: 160
Height: 5’9”
Pant Size: 8-10

I will invest in a tape measurer this week to show my progress. I am determined to get back into shape, because I love the way it made me feel when I was!

Here’s to new beginnings!



Day 7

So it’s been officially a week since I’ve decided to start my days early and work out.

I’m not going to lie, it was HARD. Day two was the hardest, but now that it’s Sunday, and I am able to wake up naturally at 6, it doesn’t seem as difficult to get up and head down to the trail for a run.

Breaking bad habits in general is going to be tough. I had an eye-opener when I went to the Dr.’s on Friday and found myself at 160 lbs. 160?!?! Guess my new sedentary job/life is starting to catch up to me. I’m glad I decided to get it under control before it got out of hand.

Honestly, I’ve been putting in 50-60 hour weeks at my new job and really trying to fit life in between, so finding time to work out has been difficult but not impossible.

We work with what we’ve got, right?

So, here is Day 7 of my “Getting Back Into Shape” regime.

When life knocks you down, you just have to crawl back up to the top. Tooth and nail.



Checking In!

Hey everyone!

I’m just swinging by to say hi!


My week is still crazy, I’ve been doing 10-hour days and haven’t had much time to do more than work, eat, sleep and a half hour on the exercise bike.

I am making a point to go OUTSIDE during my lunches/breaks/etc., just to make sure it’s still summer!

This new workout routine I’m in is really doing it for me. I’m already down 6lbs, and my appetite/cravings have calmed down. Except the flourless chocolate cake on Monday (I got about a slice worth, and Kurt accidentally dropped it on the floor), I about cried. (Just kidding, Kurt!) It was probably for the best. *sigh*

I just need to move my workouts from evenings to mornings. I am still not being a very good *cheery* morning person, I value that extra 30 minutes of sleep like I do my Starbucks. There should be a law against merging into traffic with a coffee cup in hand…

I’m trying my ABSOLUTE best to not get sick! Iwillnotgetsick, I willnotgetsick. I will not get sick!!!! And every time I say that, I get some horrible contagious flu/bug/virus whatever that’s going around. I’m going with the theory of if I just keep plugging along, workingworkingworking, the adrenaline will keep me from crashing. My nursing degree tells me otherwise.

Summer Book Series:
I’m reading the Waverly  series by Maria Murnane, which is turning out to be a fun summer read.

I tore through a couple of these books over consecutive weekends on the Kindle, and they’re pretty entertaining. I needed something light-hearted and witty after reading some of the psychological thrillers I’ve been into lately. This is just the remedy; she’s brutally honest and the entire time, it’s like revisiting a story by a good friend over coffee. The character is extremely relatable (we’ve all been in her shoes at one point or another). I just found the first few books to be extremely refreshing.
I’m currently reading Honey on Your Mind, which is the third (fourth?) book in the series. I’ll write a review once I’m done.


Anyway, that’s it for me tonight, I’m off to sleep and hoping I’ll shake this cold/flu I feel coming on. (Yikes!)