I’ve been going through some serious change in my life lately. I can’t explain it, but things have done almost a complete 180 from how I was handling things a month ago.

I have to say…I’m extremely content with life. I’ve got a lot of good things going for me, and everything is really looking up.

Recently, I’ve been back to the work-school-home-sleep-workout cycle, and I have to say, I’m handling it WAY better than I thought I would. I’ve been super busy, and I spend 3+ hours a day in the car, but I think I’m really getting the hang of things. Microbiology might not be the end of me. (Hehe!)

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Anyway, I’ve been in SUPER budget mode! This is probably a result of listening to a ton of Dave Ramsey. I have to admit, I’m an addict to Dave. I’m seriously committed to making my finances work for me, and the past few weeks have been difficult, but amazing, because I really feel like I’m gaining control. I’m so focused and motivated to make a change. Also, I might be taking some blogging classes soon, to figure out how to amp up my blog! Woohoo!

On another note, I’ve dropped nearly 10lbs from my last post. I was able to find a routine that worked around school and work that really made a difference. I also changed how and when I was eating, basically dividing my meals into 6 small meals a day. I was getting really down about being around 160lbs, but now that I’m seeing the 150 come back, I’m feeling a LOT better about myself. Basically, I’ve learned I don’t have to exhaust myself at the gym in order to stay in shape. I take some audiobooks and a radio show, and I’m set on the elliptical for an hour. It’s awesome!

Anyway, I’m off to finish making dinner, I just thought I’d update on how well things are going. More to come!








Keeping Up

So, my life has become extremely busy, and I’m trying to find new ways to re-invent my blog. I’ve had a lot of ideas lately, it’s just been a matter of putting it down on paper and transferring it to a digital standpoint.

I’ve found new ways to deal with my anxiety and depression lately, especially with the change of a new medication. I usually don’t write so publicly about this type of thing, but it’s helped me so immensely, that I have to put it here. It’s my way of saying “hey, it’s okay” and to admit you have a problem. Someone had to do the same for me before I took that step.

Anyway, we’ve been taking measures lately in order to create a budget and stick to it. I’ve been listening to a lot of Dave Ramsey lately, and have been feeling inspired to get all of our ducks in a row. I will blog a little about this later, but we created a plan and have some great goals to achieve within the next couple months. Basically, we’re learning to live below our means.

I’ve been getting into some good eating habits this week, and a friend who understands weight loss gave me a bit of a formula for keeping my diet in check.
Lean Protien+Lean Carbs+Unlimited Veggies

Anyway, things are going good, as I’m figuring out how to balance my life. Between Microbiology, Interpersonal Communication, work, overtime and working out, my plate has been full lately, so figuring out a schedule to balance it all has been a challenge. But I feel like I’m coping well.

So, that’s it for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep up with the blogging better.

See you next time!


Random Thought

I am going to stop being a “planner” and start being a “do-er”. You can plan all you want, but it never happens until you get off your butt and DO it!

Just a thought.