Schedule! Schedule!

So I’m currently trying to organize my life.

Easier said than done.

Okay, all jesting aside, it really helps when you make a written plan. I’ve come to terms that I have to balance a LOT in my life during the week. I’ve often been asked “How do you do it?” and “I just don’t have enough time for that in my day!”, and I’m here to share my time-management skills I’ve learned throughout years of different work and school schedules.


1. Everything for work and errands is planned out the night before:
Yesterday, I made a huge effort to make sure everything was in order before I was ready for work.
I had some easy-to-throw-together lunches that were thought out and packed, so it made putting it all together easier.
I also had my outfit picked out and ready the night before, down to socks and shoes. I’ve had so many mornings of do you know how long it takes me to find socks??? This cut my “get ready” time from an hour to a half hour.
Important: I had my coffee cup washed, my keys, wallet, purse and anything else in a centralized location, which made grabbing it all on my way to work easier.
One tip I plan to implement, is I packed a gym bag tonight, so hopefully I can stop by the gym on the way home.

2. I made a written schedule of my day:
I know this tip is silly and basic, and seems a little OCD, but hear me out: it works. A while back, I was terrible with time management and overcoming tasks. I started writing to-do lists on 3×5 cards to remind myself to do things an alleviate anxiety. This eventually evolved into a written plan of intent for my day.
An example:
5:30a- Wake up
4:30p- Off work and commute
6:30p-Study for 1 hour
8:30p-Wind-down time
9:30/10p-Intended time to fall asleep.

3. I have a “Wind Down” time for the evening.
I find myself bombarded by electronics sometimes. In fact, I sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day, and then come home and spend 2-3 hours blogging and doing homework. There’s a time during the night where I decide to shut down all electronics, turn off most of the lights and curl up with  a good book. This helps me wind down from the day, and ensures my REM cycle isn’t affected by the glow of a screen.

4. I take the time to revise my schedule:
When I get to work, or some time during the day (usually noon or lunch time), I try to make a to-do list of things I need to get done for that week and day. I’m constantly revising and finding ways to improve my ways of doing things. I keep a pad of paper on my desk to jot down notes while I’m doing my work, so my fleeting thoughts and anxieties don’t gnaw at my subconscious. This helps me be more efficient at work (because I’m not distracted) and at home, as I remember to get more done.

5. I divide my tasks into time limits:
Over the weekend, I made a to-do list for the week and give myself deadlines in order to accomplish my tasks. Mail Birthday card by Tuesday, Wash clothes on Sunday, etc. That way, I have a specified order and a sense of importance when that task is due.

I hope these tips help, as I’ve tried to organize myself over the past few years, and have many trials (and errors!). There’s a fine line between time management and obsessing over it so much you don’t get anything done, so keep it simple! If you’re going to do this for the first time, I suggest only writing down 4 or 5 major tasks to do during the day, then as you get used to it, you can fine-tune it to your abilities.

If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!

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The end of another busy week

Hello all! It’s been another crazy, 6-day work week! Things will be slowing down after next week, so I’ll have quite a bit more free time to relax and keep my blog up.


So, I’ve been trying to keep up with the workout routine, and it’s been tough with 10-hour days. (Heck, anything is tough when work is taking over the majority of your waking hours.) I got about 3 workouts in this week, which I consider an accomplishment given how absolutely exhausted I was.|

But that didn’t stop my wacky cat from “helping” with my workout routine!”


So, I’ve been working on my scarf business as of late, and even though it’s been a warm 75 degrees in Southern California, my business is still alive and well. I wasn’t expecting as many orders than what actually happened, and it was a fun project.

I’m going to start using up what’s left of my yarn reserve to make some great scarves for next year. (And possibly sell them here and via Facebook, so keep an eye out!)

Books I’m Reading

I’ve been doing a LOT of reading lately! Whether it be via audiobook at work, on my Kindle app, or via actual, paper books, I’m tearing through about 3-4 books every two weeks. Reading is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and like music, I have a wide range of taste in books. I’m hoping to have some fantastic (and full!) bookshelves once we move into the new place.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn
DSCN0263 I actually picked this up as an impulse buy at Target. I saw that it was by the same woman who wrote Gone Girl, (a must read!) and so far I’m enjoying it.
It’s a dark mystery about kidnappings in a small town in Missouri. (That’s as far as I’ve gotten, but I’ll review it when I’m done.)

I usually am not too into the whodunnit genre of books, that’s a category I tend to avoid, but Gillian Flynn’s writing is captivating, and she draws you into her character’s mind effortlessly.

Love and Respect By Dr. Emerson Eggrichs


Guilty as charged, I picked up this book after listening to endless hours of The Dave Ramsey Show at work. I started to read it at home, and got so into it, I bought the audiobook.
This book has helped me countless times with the communication in my relationship, and Eggrichs gives phenomenal advice on how men and women communicate. This is a must read for any couple, because as we all know, some of the biggest conflicts in relationships come from communication issues. (I would know, I just finished my interpersonal communication class.)

Speaking of which, I was wrong when I said I saved Interpersonal Communication for last because it was the most “useless”. Here’s me eating my words. I believe that administration is justified as to making it a requirement for a degree. I learned SO much about how to communicate, and I wish I had taken this class in my first semester of college. I felt like I could relate to a lot of situations and I took a lot of the information and ran with it. SO (*puts shovel away*) that’s my rant on how my opinion was changed.

This semester I’m taking a Personal Finance class (in addition to Econ, Current Events, and a Biology Lab). I’m going to take Financial Peace University in March, and see how they stack up against each other. It’s going to be interesting, and maybe I can share some tips with everyone along the way!

So, that’s it for now. I’m going to try to stay on track with my posting and workouts this week (and keep my sanity), so we’ll see how that goes.

DSCN0264“I’m pretty sure she’s lost it…”

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the in-between

January and February I’m considering “In-Between” months, as they’re the months before things in my life really, actually happen. I’m sitting on the edge of my seat, waiting for a place to open up for us to move, and it’s really starting to look positive.

I’m starting to look at the “Pre-Professional” Bachelor’s track at Cal-Poly Pomona. Applying for the school, registering for classes and actually paying for classes is a bit overwhelming, especially since I’ve had such a tough time with school these past couple semesters. 1000 hours of hands on patient care? Got that down.

Now for the fun part. I’m starting up my 30-Day Challenge again.  Last year I made it about 15 days before I threw in the towel, and this year I’m going to try it again, with more determination. I want to be able to wake up early and (try) to exercise.

And then reward myself with wonderful, delicious coffee…

We got some gift cards to Target this year for Christmas, and combined them to pick up this baby:
Yup, we finally broke down and bought a Keruig. Fancy coffee is fancy.

So, that’s my night and my ONE day off this week. *Tears* Hopefully, next week will be a bit easier, and I can relax a little.

Tonight is yoga night. Smile

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Thus Is My Life

So here I am! Back again! This is the end of my 6-day, 55-hour week, and I’m doing my very best to not nap, nod off, doze or otherwise incur a state of sleepiness.

What a crazy winter! Between my scarf mini-business, work and finishing up the semester of school, I’ve had a lot on my plate. The holidays were absolutely nuts, but things are evening out and calming down…for now.

This week a lot of big things are happening. We’re currently crunching numbers in order to move by mid-February (hence, all the work), and I’ve got a LOT of school coming up!

I’ve also decided that I’m going to pull away from nursing and become a Physician Assistant. I am extremely excited, and I know it’s a lot of school, but I feel I’ll be better placed in something along the lines of a physician assistant. I was doing a lot of soul-searching, talking with God and figuring out why my career track in nursing didn’t feel quite right. I love helping people, and I enjoy the machine that is the human body, but I can’t see myself hanging IV bags and emptying Foleys for the rest of my life. I feel although I loved the social aspect of the hospital, I feel the stress would turn me bitter, and I’ve seen my share of bitter, burned-out nurses.

To be honest, I never had the confidence that I could accomplish something like a Master’s degree in medicine. I had a lot of naysayers in my early years when I actually wanted to do med school, and it squashed my confidence. Now I have a fantastic support system of family, friends, in-laws and coworkers, and there’s been a lot of encouragement to do what I didn’t think I could do before.

In short, I’m excited at the prospect.

I keep promising my blog will go in a new direction, and it’s been a tough road making the time to blog. I’m hoping once things calm down at work and I get into a good rhythm, I can start making time for myself and the things I enjoy.

One of the things I was looking forward to…YOGA. I most definitely want to start doing more walking and yoga. After my surgery, I had such a tough time getting back into shape, and it’s still a process, but the weight is slowly coming off. Peaks and valleys.

We also have a LOT of camping coming up, as I got Kurt a tent for Christmas.

(I ordered it off of Amazon, and it came in a great big box!)

On another note,
We’re slowly getting back on Dave Ramsey’s plan, as my Emergency fund was depleted after my surgery, so saving up and working is all I’ve been doing this month. We are doing GREAT on his plan, and I’m excited to see where we are in ten years.

Kurt has been amazing through all of this, he’s been my stability when I get stressed and really helped me handle the holidays.

So anyway, I have my new year’s resolutions of bringing myself closer to God, being healthy and holistic, simplifying my life, and to not gossip.

Lots to come this year, and I’m excited!

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