Weekend Relaxation

So I’m spending my Sunday lazing around the house because I had a rather stressful work week. I’m glad that’s over and dim sum took its place. Not that I have pictures of dim sum or anything, because, you know, they’re stuck on my camera and the cable is at the bottom of one of the many, many boxes in my storage unit office.

Anyway, I’ve been meal planning and budgeting like it’s my job. FSCN1211

So there will be lots of cooking this week that will be taking place. Also, I have been bugged by several coworkers this week, so I’m making cupcakes this afternoon. (yeesh!)

I also have to get started on my scarf business this week, or else I’m probably not going to have much to sell in the fall.

In the meantime…FLAMINGOES!


I decided to put these on my mom’s lawn while they were at church last Sunday…she had NO idea who did it. (Yeah, right!) I just wish I had MORE.

Next are the llamas.


I have to admit, there is something extremely peaceful about the new apartment. Clean, air-conditioned, with an amazing view of the city and pool? Yeah, I’m loving life right now. I’m so extremely thankful and blessed for what we have, and it makes working all those crazy hours worth it. All the stress of the last year is just melting away, things  are finally starting to work out. I’m not sure how else to put it.


I love it.<3

More to come!

❤ Hojo