Blackberry Cupcakes

I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day Weekend!
I am currently outside on my patio, enjoying my coffee and starting a (hopefully) relaxing weekend.


This week, I decided Monday wasn’t going to be do-able without sugar and fruit involved, so I picked up some blackberries and got to work.


The result was a hit.



I don’t think my coworkers mind being my cupcake guinea-pigs. I’ve been experimenting and bringing these to work, and boxing matches ensued. I’m glad I find hobbies/crafts/projects that make others happy. ❤

All in my 5’x8’ kitchen.

So, I hope the weekend is fun and eventful for you all!

❤ Hojo


Sunday Morning


So, I know my blog was originally intended to be posting about living a healthy life and a somewhat view into me staying fit while living a busy lifestyle. I also know there have been posts lately about cupcakes and other miscellaneous projects that have not really reflected that. I’m just throwing this out there, yes, I am still working on staying healthy while living this crazy life. I don’t know how many times on here I’ve said: my life is insanely busy. I work 9-10 hour days, I’m taking trigonometry and a biology lab this semester, getting things ready for the fall insanity that is my small business and commuting an hour each way to work. What little time I have left I spend relaxing (right?), blogging, and making things for other people.

IMG_20140821_171536Hooray for L.A. traffic.

That said, I love baking. I don’t know what it is, but there’s a sweet release that I get from making things for other people. It’s like cleaning when I’m stressed out. There’s just something in the act of doing something, moving, that make the stress go away. I’m a generally healthy person, eating well and balanced, and I usually only have one or two cupcakes out of batches of 40. I didn’t want to mislead anyone to thinking I go to the gym, and then go straight home and eat 20 cupcakes.There’s balance in it all.

I am still struggling, eight months later, with the weight I put on after surgery. Given, half that time was spent waiting to be cleared by the doctor, while I’m not making excuses, it has been a struggle to get back into the shape I was in before the spit hit the fan. I also had a huge struggle with depression this spring that almost ruined everything. It was one of those times in my life where everything comes crashing down, and I had to figure out how to rebuild from the ashes.

But you know what? I did.

I’m tougher than I let on. That’s how I know I can handle the next chapters in my life. There are so many crazy things happening in the next couple years that I’m nervous and excited at the same time.

Sometimes, you just have to pick up the pieces and move on. Take what you have left and make something amazing about it.



I just thought I’d post an update. Things have been great lately.

So I’m off on a beautiful Sunday morning to do my grocery shopping. (You know, AFTER I finish my coffee!)

More to come!


❤ Hojo

Lavender Night

So I have an obsession as of late involving lavender flavoring. It’s subtle, flowery flavor is great in teas, baking, coffee, Italian sodas and, my favorite, macarons! I was really having a craving for it, and after visiting one of my favorite coffee shops in Riverside, I took the chance and bought a bottle of lavender syrup from Amazon.


So last night, we had a bit of a get-together with some friends, and decided to experiment with lavender-infused everything. It made for an adventurous night.


Our resident bartended, Mike, made some delicious lemon lavender “martinis”. (Yes, I know they’re not in actual martini glasses. We’re still working on stocking the kitchen. It didn’t make them taste better or worse being in wine glasses).
On the rim of the glass was lavender-infused sugar, which really brought out the flavor.

Next, we did lavender-vanilla cupcakes with cream-cheese whipped cream.


I’m not sure how 24 cupcakes have almost disappeared, but there are currently 6 left in my fridge…

The remaining lavender whipped cream we had left over went on some French toast this morning, and it was amaaaaaaazing.


So, that was our night of wonderful food and Youtube’d Monty Python sketches.

I’m starting to really love this apartment-life! ❤

Next up: Cupcake Roundup.