Whole 30: Day 5

I’m not going to lie…I’ve been in a haze lately. I don’t know if it’s the pain medication for my knee, the caffeine withdrawals or the lack of sugary foods. I’ve just been trying to get through some 10 hour shifts while trying to survive a little bit of a cold and my knee deciding to frequently swell up and feel like someone is stabbing me.

On a side note, I start Sports Therapy next week to (hopefully!) rehab my knee so I can (maybe one day?) run again. This has become a whole to-do, with x-rays and doctors appointments and emailing back and forth to doctors. It’s just frustrating getting hurt.

On the up-side, we are going to go look at an alternative wedding venue next weekend! While we did love Arrowhead, we both decided it was a good idea to look at other places as well, just to get a good idea of what’s possible to do within the next year. I’m also heading down to Fullerton on the 3rd to get fitted for my dress! (I love it!) I never thought I would like anything other than a white dress, but I absolutely adore the (subtle) blush-pink dress I picked out! Can’t wait!!

Back to the Whole 30 Challenge…
Whole 30

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve at least lost an inch or two. I know at this point, it’s probably just water-weight, but it feels good to see at least a little progress after months of frustration. It’s been extremely difficult the last couple days at work, because they’re pushing us to work as much as we can the next couple weeks to end the quarter, and that means the QAs are having an all-out feast of stress-foods. I’ve had to turn down cake 3 times this week, brownies once, donuts twice and cupcakes three times. My coworkers now know that Holly is on a “diet” and offering her miscellaneous foods is off the table. It’s actually really sweet. No pun intended.

I had my first cranky-day yesterday, where in the morning I was annoyed by everyone and everything that crossed my path. My neighbors put up Halloween decorations, I was annoyed. Someone offered to walk my work over to be checked, I was annoyed. Someone interrupted my audiobook, I was…well, you get the point. I was a dragon waiting to attack. Good thing that only lasted two hours, or I probably would have ended up with some pretty ticked off people.

Diet and overtime aside, I came to a realization this week. I had applied for a higher up position than I was at, that I knew I had a really good chance of getting. I did the phone interview, polished up my resume, and put it all out there. It would have been more hours, more work and a learning curve, but it was something fulfilling that I would have fit into nicely. The only thing? I really like my job. I was sad at the prospect of leaving a position I worked so hard to get to, around people I generally enjoy. I feel like I’m in a good place right now, with balance and support, and that it’s probably a good place to stay until I finish school. Sure, there’s drama. What workplace doesn’t have it? But I’ve come to realize that I could stay here, if need be, for a couple years.

So, that’s it for tonight. I’ve got to knock out so I can get my overtime in tomorrow!

25 more days to go of this crazy diet!



My Whole 30 Challenge

Considering I’ve made it to Day 3 of the Whole 30 plan without crashing and burning because of lack of sugar, chocolate, chocolate, coffee creamer and Starbucks, I thought I would finally blog about another hair-brained weight loss agenda I’m on.

Whole 30

Wait a minute…Before I go into detail, let me rewind back to how this all came about.

It all started Friday. Well, Thursday actually in which I wore some 4 3/4″ heels, but we’re not going to talk about that part and how it basically aggravated my pre-existing bursitis that I got because I wouldn’t.stop.running.DSCN1716

Fast forward a few months later… I stopped running and my knee started feeling better, I mysteriously needed to go to urgent care because my knee was the size of a cantaloupe and hurt like I was being stabbed. After one very painful cortisone shot (as seen as the purple bruise above), I decided I’ve had it and I’m tired of being injured and sick.

The culprit. (The beautiful, 4 3/4

The culprit. (The beautiful, 4 3/4″ suede culprit)


The result.

The result.


Working on Orthopedics for such a long time, I know that weight is one of the biggest factors when it comes to joint problems, along with diet and activity levels. As much as I work at a sedentary desk job, I do really try to get my 3-4 workouts a week, however small.

The answer was clear: my diet is taking control of my life. I needed change.

 I came across the Whole 30 plan, which in a nutshell is Paleo, excluding sugar, legumes, grains, dairy or alcohol. Also, there are no artificial sweeteners, honey or “cheat” foods that substitute junk food for “paleo-approved” treats. It’s cold-turkey, meaning I have to drink my coffee with unsweetened almond milk……did I mention no Pumpkin Spice Lattes? Because that’s probably the thing I’m the saddest about, although I’m probably going to save myself about $100 out of my budget, but…I digress…

I don’t expect to lose a ton of weight doing this plan, (because losing a ton of weight in 30 days is unrealistic and unhealthy) but I want to gain control over my eating habits and cravings, and this seems to be a good way to learn to exercise self-control. I also hope to reduce the inflammation in my knees and get my overall fatigue under control (an possibly drink less coffee…pffft, nope).

So here we go, Day 3 of my Whole 30:

Age: 29
Weight: 180

Trouble spots: Belly and thighs

Waist: 39
Hips: 43

I’m really not proud of these measurements, or how I got there. (I was once referred to in my office as the “potluck crasher”) But I am once and for all determined to get it all OFF.

Hopefully, I’ll be tracking my progress here and checking in!

Wish me luck! ❤


Labor Day Weekend

Well, Happy Labor Day weekend to everyone!

It’s been a long couple weeks for me, again, with all the overtime I’ve been working and dealing with wedding plans and figuring out the next year of my life (trust me, there are a lot of things I have to plan for!)

I was scheduled for a yoga session today, but I was exhausted and didn’t feel like rushing and fighting traffic to not get there in time (turns out I wouldn’t have).

Tomorrow, we are starting a juice weekend and are spending the long weekend at home, by the pool relaxing. Not to worry, though, more adventures to come (summer isn’t over yet!)

We got our last hurrah this evening with a BBQ dinner as a treat (it is labor day weekend, as a matter of fact) and now I’m pumped to get everything on track again!

I also started using EveryDollar to track the household spending. This is actually my first month trying it out, along with my nifty envelope system, I think I might have the right combination. We’ll see!

More later on that.

Again, here we go with another tightening-up of the weight loss journey. No pun intended.