Corgis and Macarons

Well, that’s been quite a day/week/month.

Last weekend I had another emergency surgery, this time on some nasty ovarian cysts that I’m really starting to think was the reason I had all this weight in the first place…either that or I’m losing weight at an alarmingly rapid rate and I should probably mention it when I go in to see my specialist next week…if I haven’t floated away in the wind.

No, seriously, pain medication is no joke. I can’t drive it makes me so dizzy.

You know when you get sick after eating something and never want to eat it again?
I would like to know WHY that had to be Korean BBQ for me???
life-sucksOn the up-side, I’ve been chomping down buckets of Mexican food…
13087703_10207653504147989_4949380401225288357_nNo, literally, this is a bucket of Mexican food…and yes, that is bacon wrapped shrimp. We might have been able to tackle more than 2/3 of it, but there was that full order of guacamole and chips right behind it that came first.

Date nights rock.

Also, making French macarons at midnight also rocks…because I have a week left off work and my sleep schedule is so whacked out that I can’t possibly go to sleep right now, so I load myself with SUGAR.

Okay, maybe these won’t be ready for consumption tomorrow (if ever). I’m really not up for making buttercream at midnight.Or ever. Actually the whole reason I think my cupcake business failed is because I hate making buttercream. Can’t I just bake cupcakes without the frosting? Picky customers, sheesh!

Anyway, I’ve been in a bit of a ranting mood lately. Not sure why, maybe it’s the cabin fever?
Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve called and emailed a hundred people all over the country and haven’t YET been able to find a corgi that comes from a good breeder? All I ever wanted was a dog, and now that I have the resources, job and stable life to finally get one, there aren’t any options. I want to cry.


I’ll be here tomorrow to tell you how my cookie experiment went. And possibly sob over how freaking adorable this dog’s paws are. SQUEEEEEE!