The Wandering Samurai

Hi there!

I know it’s been a while, but between work, another surgery and (dun dun dunnnn) the NEW PUPPY, I’ve been quite the busy lady!

IMG_20160706_114635[1]I mean…those EARS! How can you NOT love those derpy-werpy-EARS!!!

Okay…I’m done.

But seriously, though, we were really expecting to get a corgi. We were on about 5 different “waiting lists” for corgi breeders anywhere from Sacramento to Chino Hills to Oklahoma, and there was an indeterminate time frame as to when the little bundle of fuzz would enter our lives….

So one of my favorite things to do with Kurt when I’m really feeling down is go to the pound and play with all the shelter dogs. I had a panic attack that Sunday night and needless to say didn’t get any sleep. So, come Monday, I took a mental health day.
There’s something that’s uplifting about being surrounded by animals. On our way back from Montclair, we decided to go to the Rancho Shelter, which happened to be closed on Mondays…duh. So we made the trek back in the direction we came and decided to go to the Upland Shelter.

Lo and behold…we found a pair of ears….
A super shy, timid little pair of ears.

When we first saw him at the shelter…he was too afraid to even walk. At 4 months old and a stray, he’s never walked on a leash.
His first night home.

But slowly and surely, he began to trust us…and the silliness began.
IMG_20160611_115321Not sure about car rides…
IMG_20160626_105707Or the very scary cat…

Ice cubes…and ropes…

Human things…like the bathroom sink and the couch…

And the bed…-_-‘

The trail…

And eventually he made friends with the cat.

When we expected to get a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, we ended up with a Lab/Belgian Malinois mix (or something-or-other).  We gave a home to a dog that needed a little more love than most, and we ended up with our beautiful wanderer….Ronin.

IMG_20160703_172439[1]I wouldn’t have it any other way.

As always…