Weekly Roundup

Well, since I have some free time before the holidays, I thought I’d give a shot at writing again. I love the rainy nights curled up on my couch with my laptop and a cup of gingerbread tea. (Insert picture here, because, you know my phone decided to die three days before Christmas).So now I have to spend my afternoon waiting in line at Sam’s Club for a new phone. 😦 Yaay, new phone, boo to insane holiday rush!

So my job has been so computer-intensive lately that I haven’t really had the desire to sit down and write. It’s hard to keep a blog when your eyes are burning from staring at a screen all day.

That said, my work has been nothing short of amazing working with my anxiety disorder/MDD. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am with the understand and support I’ve received from my managers and coworkers while learning to understand something that significantly impacts my life. It really takes a lot of weight off my shoulders knowing that the support is there.

Ronin has also been a huge asset to working with my struggles. (Although, at the moment, he’s throwing a doggie-tantrum in his crate because it’s 10:30 and we’re still awake.)
He recently finished the Intermediate obedience training, and we’re signed up for Advanced in January. While I know you can just get an ESA certification online, and that the certification is not even necessary, I feel very strongly about getting my dog his Canine Good Citizen certification. As a healthcare worker, it is important to me that I am utilizing an accommodation in the best way possible.


The biggest ears in all the land. 

Anyway, things have been looking up lately. I’m registered for some business classes come Winter and Spring sessions, so I can work on my business management degree. It’s just the first step in my work towards Healthcare Administration. I think I’m starting to see a clear cut path to where I want to go career-wise. I was really struggling for a while, because I was looking to do the RN-BSN-APRN or the PA-C route; and while I absolutely love the science of medicine, I feel like I can best utilize myself in the administration process and take on current healthcare issues. Not trying to save the world, just hoping to be a leader in change.

So this is me, right now, pushing through the tough times and looking up. I have hope, that little sliver of light I can see, and trying to not let the little day-to-day disappointments, frustrations and overwhelming thoughts get to me. I try not to let a passive-aggressive remark or a stumble in my path take over. I try not to flinch when someone tosses me something. I try not to go into too much detail when someone asks questions that are too personal. I try to not overthink the details of my life and sink into that ever-present doom-and-gloom that lurks beneath a sunny exterior.

So here I go, pushing forward. Moving on. Holding my head up high and trying to ignore the emotional sludge that’s up to my knees. I can do this.




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