Hitting the Fan

I don’t want to complain. In fact, I am totally complaining, because it’s my blog and I can. Nyah.

No, really though. I feel worn out. I’m in the last three weeks of my Chemistry class, I have an exam tomorrow and I’ve been working my tail off at work lately. I’ve been trying to work out, but with work, school, homework, commuting, budgeting and holding together my household, I just don’t have anything left in me besides a daily 20-minute, one-mile walk.

I’ve gotta shake this. Between the endo/PCOS and depression, these days are a struggle to keep my energy up and keep my schedule going. I can’t miss work, or school for that matter because of this ongoing fatigue. And that’s the thing, I’ve been burned out before, I get cranky and my mind stops functioning, and I just want to nap, but this is different. It almost feels like how I did when I had mono, I feel weak.


I’m going to start some juicing this week and see if the added vitamins will help. Our Paleo diet has been helping with getting that little extra protein in, (for some reason, I don’t get enough if I don’t keep track), and our Sam’s Club membership helps keep the costs down. When I really don’t have the energy, I can get my Amazon Fresh order.

Sticking to a zero-based budget is fun. Not.