Washington Trip, Days 1 and 2.

Greetings from Eastern Washington! After a smooth flight in, Kurt and I have been having an awesome adventure with his sister, Natalie. It’s been a blast hanging out at his older sister, Jennifer’s house, her husband, and Kurt’s parents. Even though it’s a very full house, we all get along and it’s been a ton of fun playing board games, going for walks in the fresh Washington air, and spending time over hot drinks talking the afternoon away.

Yesterday, we flew from Ontario International Airport to Sea-Tac International, and having this group together made the flight go by fast! ImageI tried to hold it together on the plane…(just kidding!)

ImageIn the early mornings, I’ve been getting into the habit of walking every morning, which I don’t mind, since the scenery is absolutely beautiful! Even in the pouring rain yesterday morning, I had a great time with my waterproof sweater from Under Armour. (Women’s Storm Big Logo Printed Hoodie). It’s been my Washinton uniform, basically.


It’s been about 45-50 degrees lately, which isn’t too far off from how it’s been in Southern California (no joke, our nights have been around 30).

The food here has been nothing short of fabulous. The first night we were in, we made our traditional trip to Ivar’s Seafood Restaurant.

Today, we made a lunch adventure to a Mongolian BBQ place. Image

The one thing I noticed about Puyallup, is that everyone is super-friendly and willing to have conversations at random.

We also stopped at the infamous Bigfoot Java, which had silly names for their coffee and excellent customer service. This definitely had to be one of my favorite coffee places, and I will be returning multiple times during my trip. (They have a really cool menu!)


We’ve also had some sort of Bigfoot obsession lately. (I think it has something to do with us watching Finding Bigfoot so much). I never noticed how much Washington plays out the whole Sasquatch thing until we watched the show.


So that’s the first couple of days. Now it’s time to go round up some rowdy kids!