Workout Schedule for a Busy Life

I’m a busy person, so fitting in a workout poses a bit of a challenge some days. When we’re tired, staying fit somehow falls to the bottom of our to-do list. Let’s face it, we’ve all had those days, where you’ve just had enough of it all, and you want nothing but to curl up on the couch with a good book and a box of cookies. I’m letting you know, IT’S OKAY to feel that way. We’re human, we all have those days. We get overwhelmed by life, and just need that time to veg on the couch. It’s just a matter of maintaining BALANCE in your life, and knowing when to say “Okay, I’ve had two cookies, that should be enough.” Let me repeat: You have to balance it all out.

Find a time of day that works for you.
I’m one of those guilty-as-charged procrastinators when it comes to getting up and working out. It’s probably one of the things I struggle with the most. Finding time for a workout on a day off isn’t necessarily the easiest thing. I am not an early morning person on my days off, which means I’m reluctant to get up at the crack of dawn and do cardio.
When I have a day off, which usually involves completely lazing around the house in my pajamas, I schedule an appointment with myself to work out. “Okay, at 2pm, I’m going to get dressed and do some cross-training.”
Treat it as an important appointment. This is how I finish most tasks during the day.

Don’t set unreasonable goals.
This is another issue I struggled with when I first started running. I told myself, “Okay, I’m going to run 3 miles, five days a week.” How long did that last? Not long.

Here’s how my 5-day a week workout schedule goes. (This is just an example for April)


Okay, I know it looks scary, and it is five days a week. But look again, I’m only running 3 days a week.

The other two? Cross training.
To me, cross training can be anything. I would go to Amazon’s instant video section and pick out a good 20 or 30 minute workout video. (Honestly, I think this is the best method, because of the reviews).
This is where I picked up the Julian Michael’s 30-Day Shred for S1.99. What is 20 or 30 minutes out of your day?
Even after a long day, just do it. You’ll feel better about yourself. (Note: I don’t recommend this method if you work 12-hour shifts, I’ll cover that later.)
Now Running.
Don’t expect to jump off the couch and go running after being off exercise for an extended period of time. These things take time. The first week, I would start off walking, the second week, I would add maybe a minute or two of jogging (Jogging slowly, not running) to every 3 minutes of walking. This will slowly introduce running into your routine, and eventually you will be able to run longer distances. It’s not a race. Everyone has to start somewhere…insert another random cliché here.

So that’s my workout “Schedule” and how I handle my busy (BUSY) weeks full of work, classes, extracurricular activities and day-trips. Meal plans are next!

❤ Hojo


Breakfast and Grouchy Cats

Well, today is the day I go in for a second interview with a company I’ve been in contact for the past few weeks. I’m nervous and excited over the idea of this job. Okay okay, that’s all I’m going to say for now, because I can’t jinx myself and post about it. Fingers crossed, prayers said, I’m ready.

30-Day Shred
Yesterday, I completed day 5 of the Julian Michaels 30-Day Shred, and while I am noticing some results, it’s hard to keep up with it day after day. It’s just making it a part of my daily routine, just like the running and home management, and it will become easier as the weeks go by. I am noticing things are getting tighter and trouble areas are going away already, even though the scale hasn’t budged. But, like I said, you can’t judge your figure by the numbers on the scale. I feel healthier and stronger, and that’s what counts. Day 6 of the Shred is going to be completed this afternoon, I’ll let you all know how it goes.

If I can get my cat off of my yoga mat. –___-

2013-04-03 11.43.01

Kind of rivals this one…


(I LOVE grumpy cat!!!)


The past couple days, I’ve been craving protein to soothe the sore muscles in my legs and arms. So, of course, I’ve turned to some pretty delicious egg dishes. I’ve also learned to put Mrs. Dash (the original flavor) on everything. I think I’ve become obsessed.

2013-04-01 09.44.31

This is a 2 egg-white omelet with spinach and about a teaspoon of feta. I topped it with half an avocado and Mrs. Dash, and I was in absolute heaven! This was probably one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while, restaurants included.

2013-04-03 13.10.46

This next dish was sautéed spinach. shitake mushrooms and half a diced red pepper. I topped it with two poached eggs, and, you guessed it, Mrs. Dash. Both recipes are loaded with veggies and are salt-free. So, for those cold mornings, or when you’re craving a big breakfast, there it is! 😀
I think people make poached eggs out to be more complicated than they really are. It’s as easy as boiling water, in my opinion. I found a great instruction on doing it here.

2013-04-03 13.06.50(Can’t forget my morning glass of mean green!)

That’s what’s been going on so far. Tomorrow is Meal Planning Day, so I might post my meal plans for the week. I’m a big fan of food from other cultures, and I periodically have cravings for Asian, Mexican, Indian, etc., so I’ve been trying to find creative ways to incorporate healthy versions of these dishes into my meal plans.

Here’s Tuesday’s Sukiyaki:
2013-04-01 21.08.11

(Tofu, Shitake and Enoki mushrooms, sliced beef, Chinese cabbage and Soba Noodles.) One of my absolute favorite cold-weather dishes. It makes a TON of food for about $12-14.

So, that’s it for today.

Are there any dishes from other cultures you regularly prepare?


New Beginning

I love being fit. I love the feeling it gives me when I’m able to run three miles nonstop without any trouble. I love that I have endless energy and I feel good about myself. I tend to make better eating choices, and have more restful nights. I like having clothes fit and that healthy glow added to my skin and hair. That’s why I make the decisions to take care of myself and my body.

We all fall out of our routines sometimes. Due to distractions, like work, school or family situations. We’re not perfect. It’s whether or not we decide to restart our routines and make healthy choices is what sets the healthy apart from the not.

I needed a break to sort things out. Last semester (or winter/fall, or what you would call it) something had to give. We all have those times in our lives where our faith, stress levels and willingness to persevere is tested. I was a stress case last year. I felt like I had to just wipe everything away and start new.

Now that I have my life sorted out, and a plan for the next few months, I can finally start expending my extra energy to blogging and keeping healthy. As a nurse (or a nurse aide), I find myself with a lot of extra time, and that extra time somehow fills itself up with so many hobbies and chores. I love blogging and writing, and since this semester is most likely going to be a low-key semester, I’m going to make a point to keep up with my writing.

Over the next few days, I’m going to start Week ne of my new fitness routine. Since the gym thing didn’t work out, I’m going to find ways to incorporate running and yoga into my life.

Week one is going to include routines from the Julian Michaels series, (Level One, found on Amazon) brisk walking and abs workouts. The idea of this first week is to establish a routine of waking up early and making exercise a priority.

Week two is when I intend to start yoga again. The focus next week will be adding vegetable juice to my diet and centering myself. Again, I want to create a healthy routine in my life.

Another thing I want to make a priority is my bible studies. I’ve been falling behind in my daily bible. I found the best quote on Pinterest the other day, and I think it really fits my situation.

Do You? I know I don't, but I need too!

I’m going to start praying more: about my career, my job, school and relationships. I haven’t been doing my half of the work and expecting results.

That’s all for now. I’m expecting to do a day-by day workout journal here, as well as postings to recipes that I find and try.

Wish me luck!